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Charcoal Pilates Loops
black and grey charcoal pilates straps reformer foot loops
Charcoal Pilates Loops
Charcoal Pilates Loops

Charcoal Pilates Loops

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Our Double Padded Pilates Loops offer Pilates lovers the ability to switch between hand and foot exercises without any delay or hesitation. You can choose from either the D-Ring or Rope attachment option to seamlessly fit your Reformer, Cadillac, and Tower.

Width: 1.5 in; 3.81cm.

Length: 16 in; 40.64 cm

Durable Nylon Webbing

100% Cotton fabric

Water-proof foam padding void of CFC’s

Protects you from other people's sweat & germs!

CARE: Hand wash with soap and warm water. Hang or lay flat to dry. Do not wring out, stretch, bleach, or iron.