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  • 5 Fat-Blasting Exercises To Get You Ready for Spring Break

    Posted 12 April 2017

    It’s that time of year again: SPRING BREAK! And whether you’re getting ready for midterms or just needing a break from your boring cubicle, a good spring break is necessity...
  • Fat-Blasting Diet & Fitness Tips To Rev Your Metabolism

    Posted 12 April 2017

    People often think that to lose weight and fat that you need to eat less. Well, that’s one way—I guess—but it’s definitely not healthy and it’s not the optimal way to get...
  • Real Men Do Pilates! Happy Father's Day From Good Citizen!

    Posted 17 June 2016

    What is it that makes a man a man? Is it his rugged good looks, his strength, or just his overall manlieness? No, it's his affinity for Pilates, duh!! Real...
  • "The Good News," Vol. 2

    Posted 11 May 2016

    Spring Is Finally Here, And We've Been Bizzy Bizzy! So you made it through another winter. And you may or may not have experienced El Nino's wrath. Too bad Los...
  • "The Good News," Vol. 1

    Posted 11 May 2016

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! To all the GOOD CITIZENS out there, We would like to say Happy New Year, and thank you for your support over this past eventful year. Without...
  • 3 Fitness Experts Share 12 Top Tips for Losing Weight & Getting in Shape, Featuring 4 Tips From Jackie!

    Posted 11 January 2016

    1. PLAN YOUR WORKOUTS: “Some easy ways to stick with New Year’s Resolutions for getting in shape, losing weight, and toning up is to plan ahead of time. Put your schedule into a calendar, so you have your workouts planned into your busy schedule. Look up your favorite classes and put them into your calendar.”

    2. PLAN YOUR FOOD: “Plan your food the Sunday before each week by going grocery shopping and getting all of the food you need for that week. When it comes to breakfast, I will have the same thing or a few things for breakfast everyday so it makes it easy and I don’t have to think about it. Then for dinner, my husband and I cook extra, so we have leftover for lunch the next day. If you plan breakfast and dinners for the week, the rest is easy.”

    3. TONE UP: “Pilates is a great way to tone up. It’s a full body workout, it’s different every time so it keeps your body guessing. Plus you learn body awareness, so you stop slouching or hunching your shoulders. You build muscle while stretching.”

    4. FIND MOTIVATION: “Summer is around the corner, and (now) is the time to build (a) strong body you will want to show off. Find pics of your favorite celebs in bathing suits, save them to your phone, and look at them (on days when you need motivation) to go workout.”

  • Motivation: Let's Get 2016 Started Off Right, Featuring A Few Of Jackie's Tips!

    Posted 11 January 2016

    "I start my preparation before the holidays. I clean my apartment before I travel, so when I get back home from the holiday madness everything is clean. This way when I get back all I have to do is unpack. I then make sure and go to the grocery store and stock up on healthy foods so I don't eat out. I eat out a lot when I travel home for the holidays and of course cocktails and wine. Once I get back I will do at least one active thing a day and take it slow. The first week I ease into working out and don't over-do it and overwhelm myself."-Jacqueline Hinton | GOOD BODY PILATES
  • Halloween May Be Over, But Your Pilates Studio Is Still Scary!

    Posted 02 November 2015

    October is gone, and so are the haunted houses and trick or treaters. No more scary stuff in our lives until next year, right? Wrong! Did you know that your...
  • Hello From Good Citizen

    Posted 29 October 2015

    We want to thank you for visiting our site. With this blog, our goal is to keep you informed about our new products, as well as providing our customers with...

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