Q: Why do I need my own loops?

A: Good Citizen's personal Pilates loops are meant to keep the Pilates client, instructor, and studio owner healthy and happy before, during, and after a Pilates class. Our loops are ultra comfy and allow the Pilates enthusiast to have a healthier workout and  show off their sense of style!


Q: Can I bring these loops to class with me?

A: Of course you can! Our loops are meant for you to take them with you to your Pilates workout. They are yours to keep and bring with you to class, just like having your own yoga mat!


Q: Will these loops work on my machine?

A: Our 3 lines of loops are meant to work on most Pilates apparatuses.


Q: What materials are your loops made of?

A: Our loops are made of the highest quality materials in the industry. They are built tough with nylon webbing and feature sweatproof eco-friendly padding.


Q: Are they made in America?

A: Yes, at Good Citizen, we pride ourselves on manufacturing our loops in the USA!


Q: Do the loops come in pairs?

A: Yes, all of our loops are sold as a pair (2).


Q: Do you sell wholesale to studios?

A: YES! Please contact us at or fill out our wholesale application online HERE.


Q: You provide free shipping to US customers. But do you provide expedited shipping, too?

A: Yes, but all expedited shipping orders are subject to a fee. Please contact us at if your order needs expedited shipping.


Q: Do you ship overseas?

A: Of course we do! Please note that a shipping charge will be applied at checkout to all overseas orders.


Q: Do you allow for refunds/returns?

A: Yes. Click HERE for our refund/return/exchange policy.

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