SINGLE PADDED LOOPS AVAILABLE NOW! Protecting Pilates Lovers Since 2015 | Due to COVID-19 and overwhelming demand, Pre-Order delivery times are expected to take at least 8 weeks. Thank you for understanding as we try to serve the Pilates community as quickly as possible. **ALL SALES FINAL**

About Good Citizen Personal Pilates Loop Straps

Founded and creatively directed by longtime Pilates instructor and enthusiast Jacqueline Hinton, Good Citizen has forever changed the way Pilates enthusiasts do Pilates. By creating the ORIGINAL Personal Pilates Straps, you no longer have to share the communal straps at the Pilates studio, keeping you safe from other people’s sweat and germs. Inspired by a wide array of Pilates experiences, including taking classes and instructing in the Pilates world for more than a decade, Jackie saw the need to create a brand of personal Pilates loops that are both hygienic and stylish. These Pilates straps are made specifically for Pilates enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. Embodying her own sense of style, Jackie designed Pilates loops that are comfortable and stylish so that customers can enjoy their Pilates sessions with the safety and security of using their own loops, while also showing off their Pilates personality.

Made from breathable cottons, eco-friendly padding, and high-quality nylon webbing, GC Pilates Loops are crafted to seamlessly transition you into your Pilates workout. Whether in a private, duet, or group class, GC loops keep you safe, while showcasing every Pilates lover’s unique style and individuality. Each pair of loops ranges from $35 to $70. 

With notable retail partnerships worldwide, the brand is rapidly becoming a go-to for the Pilates community.


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