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Double Padded Loops

Good Citizen Double Padded Pilates Loops are the perfect choice for the Reformer and Cadillac at the Pilates studio. The short loop is for your hands, and the long loop is for your feet, making your Pilates class experience even more safe, clean, and seamless between exercises. You can choose from either the D-Ring or Rope attachment option to fit your Reformer and Pilates equipment. Made from the highest quality nylon webbing, our 100% breathable cotton fabric and eco-friendly padding provide superior comfort to your hands and feet. Good Citizen Double Loops can be used on all types of Reformers, Cadillacs, and Pilates equipment where straps can be attached.

Loop Specs- Length: 16”, Width: 1.5”

Double Loops available in both D-ring and Rope attachment