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FRIDAY FUNNY...or not so funny!😂
I was having a conversation with some of my Pilates teacher friends last weekend. We were discussing Pilates clients and their hygiene. Yes, we discuss this quite often! One of them told me how she used to close her eyes when she would put her feet into the loops so the dead skin remanence left on the loops from her clients wouldn’t fall onto her face or into her mouth. How many of you have had a thought similar to this?
People, THIS IS A REAL THING! After teaching for over a decade, I have had clients come into the studio with smelly feet from being in socks and shoes all day at work. I have also seen dried cracked feet with cuts and scrapes, or even worse, nail fungus and foot rashes. Pilates clients also unknowingly sneeze into their hands, cough, rub their noses, and touch their faces or feet before they put their hands into the Pilates straps. And, just FYI, Pilates studio owners are not washing the loops at the studio as much as you think.😬
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