🤔FUN FACT FRIDAY!🤔 Get to know a little more about Good Citizen!!!

Good Citizen was started be me, Jacqueline Hinton back in 2015. I’m a longtime Los Angeles based Pilates instructor who is originally from Austin, Texas. The personal Pilates straps were conceived while I was getting certified in Pilates back in 2006. While observing how many people put their bare hands and feet in the loops every day, it just grossed me out!💦🤚👣

GC Headquarters is located in our sunny Santa Monica, CA apartment, run by myself and my husband, Justin Hinton. I know it might seem like we have a warehouse or customer service, but nope, it’s just us two running the show while I teach Pilates, dance professionally, and the husband bartends at the very chic Viceroy Hotel right here in Santa Monica. This was our normal life prior to COVID.😎🌴☀️

As we all know, things are a bit different since quarantine started. We love everything about running Good Citizen, and we really love getting to know each and everyone one of you, even if it’s only virtually right now. We love connecting online and are so excited to see the Pilates community staying safe and healthy in the Pilates studio with Good Citizen loops.

Reach out and say hi! We wanna know what you’re up to and share what you are working on and excited about. Share below.👇👇👇

Lastly, we are so thankful for everyone who has patiently waited for their loops to arrive as we deal with the supply chain being held back due to COVID. Your loops are coming...I PROMISE!😊🙏🏽