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Good Citizen Celebrates 5 Years! The first personal Pilates loops & straps.

Posted: Sep 16 2020

🥳Happy Birthday To Us!🥳
On this day back in 2015, we officially launched Good Citizen, the Pilates world’s very FIRST personal Pilates loops! By the holidays, we were featured in the “On Our Radar” segment in Pilates Style Magazine. Our first public appearance was at BASI’s Learn From The Leaders event in Laguna Beach, CA. It was an eye-opening experience! Tons of people stopped by our booth and told us crazy stories of different rashes and germs being passed around their studio from people sharing equipment. One woman even told us that the entire studio where she was teaching all got rashes on their faces from sharing the communal loops. We knew were on to something!
Later that year, we attended our first Pilates Method Alliance Convention and we have had a booth at every PMA since then. We have truly been blessed to have had such a warm welcome and tons of support from the Pilates community. Additionally, collaborating with some of the biggest names in the Pilates world has been a dream and we thank you! We came in and disrupted the Pilates community and reimagined a Pilates tool that had been around for a hundred years. But, I do have to say, it’s definitely for the better.
Thank you to everyone for your continued support over the years, and especially since the start of COVID-19 when everyone’s world was turned upside down. We love everyone we have had the opportunity to work with, and we look forward to meeting many new friends in the future. Reach out, say hi, let us know how you would like to collaborate, because we are open and ready to work with this amazing community. Thank You For Your Love & Support!❤️😊
Good Citizen Established 2015
Good Citizen featured in Pilates Style Magazine
Good Citizen Personal Pilates Loops & Straps  in Pilates Style Magazine
Good Citizen CEO & Founder, Jacqueline Hinton
at BASI's Learn From The Leaders Conference 2016
Good Citizen CEO & Creator at BASI's Learn From The Leaders Conference
Good Citizen CEO & Creators Jacqueline & Justin Hinton
at Pilates Method Alliance Conference 2016
Good Citizen CEO & Creators Jacqueline & Justin Hinton at the Pilates Method Alliance Conference 2016

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