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Good Citizen Personal Pilates Loops Are Loved By Ballerinas According to The Thirty Who What Wear!

Posted: Sep 09 2020

😋Okay, we're a little biased!💚
Excited to be included in The Thirty Who What Wear list of The 13 Activewear Pieces, According to Professional Ballerinas.💕 Head over to our Facebook page to check out the full list. xoxo
Reformer Pilates is one of Hinton's favorite ways to cross-train, and she loves being able to bring her own hand-and-foot loops to her studio. "I love these loops because I don’t have to share the communal Pilates loops at the Pilates studio anymore," she says, "and they are really cute too!"
The 13 Best Activewear, According to Professional Ballerinas: #9 Good Citizen Personal Pilates Straps

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