Pilates Reformer Loops Proudly Made In The USA Are Coming Your Way!

Hello Good Citizen Family,

Thank you again for your pre-order of Good Citizen Pilates Loops. We hope you are staying safe and healthy as we all work through life together.


Because we are proudly made in the USA, our manufacturer was shut down for 7 weeks due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, during this time, they weren't able to make any of our loops. As stated previously, they were making PPE for our country's hospitals. Well, they are back up and running their semi-normal business operations again. I say semi-normal because they are still being forced to socially distance, so that has taken some of their team members away. But, they are persisting and have started sending us products!

We got our first shipment last week. Yes! It was a mixed bag of loops, which made it difficult to send out a lot of orders. But, we are getting shipments every week now, and with what is coming in this week, lots of early pre-orders will ship out at the end of this week!

We are so happy to FINALLY get your loops out to many of you because we know how badly you need them! Thank you all for your patience. It means so much to us that so many of you in the Pilates community have chosen our loops to help protect you at the Pilates studio. We are truly grateful and are working tirelessly to get your orders put together and sent out. Thank you again and please stay safe.

Jacqueline Hinton
Good Citizen CEO | Founder
Pilates Instructor