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Pilates Studios' Dirty Little Secret! Germaphobes Beware!!

(Trust us, we've tried!)

No matter what a Pilates studio owner tells you, Pilates straps cannot be wiped down properly between classes and clients. Also, most studios don't wash their Pilates straps that often. Trust us! Hygiene and Cleanliness are at the forefront of our minds with the spread of the Coronavirus during this cold and flu season. And not to mention, who wants to put their hands where other people's feet have been. Gross!
Jackie Hinton, Good Citizen creator and a longtime Pilates instructor, has worked in several Pilates studios over the years--and they just don't get washed. Anything that comes into contact with someone else's skin could be contaminated. That means nasty sweat and germs from the hands and feet of the last person who used the loops stays on the communal Pilates loops. And unfortunately, these germs could potentially be passed to you. Just think about how many hands and feet go into the communal Pilates straps during a single day at the Pilates studio.
Well, you don't have to even think about this anymore. Good Citizen has you covered! You can now take your very own personal Pilates loops to Pilates class, keeping you safe from other people's sweat and germs. You can now have peace of mind knowing that you are both clean AND safe during your Pilates session.
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