Stay Safe At The Pilates Studio With Good Citizen Pilates Loops

Fun fact: The flu virus can stay on Pilates and gym equipment for up to 48 hours after contact. (The Mayo Clinic)

Did you know that your Pilates studios, yoga houses, and gyms are teeming with bugs and viruses that can get you without notice? And with this flu season already upon us, we must do everything we possibly can to protect ourselves.

This fact alone should have us all second-guessing whether to use those already-worn communal straps at the Pilates studio. We all know you're clean and wash your hands properly every time you use the restroom, eat, etc.; but what about the person who was just in the class before you? Where have they been, what have they done, are they sick, and--most importantly--did they wash their hands properly so that you don't get whatever they may or may not have?! Unfortunately, the answer is we just don't know what others do in their own time. We probably don’t want to know either. Ha!

There's a solution to not getting sick during this cold and flu season, though: Good Citizen Pilates Loops. By taking your own personal loops with you to Pilates class, you won't have to worry about who took the class before you, because you'll already be protected. So, be a good citizen to yourself and to others, and get yourself a pair of Good Citizen Pilates Loops. The cold and flu viruses won't stand a chance this season if you take the necessary precautions. Protect yourself and Get In The Loop!

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