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We Love Our Good Citizens!

Thank you Transformation Pilates for shouting out our double loops! Read what they have to say here. “Stay safe and look great with our new Good Citizen loops. Now available in studio for purchase!”

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Spring Board Tips with Andrea!

It’s #TeaserTuesday Check out these awesome springboard tips from Andrea Sepand and make sure to head over to her page for even more inspo. #Repost Exercising at the springboard is a great option because the use of the springs keeps the muscles under constant tension and also creates muscle balance. The focus of these 2 exercises is to stretch and create flexibility in the hips and hip joints, along with strengthening the lower abs. Tips: •Starting with legs at 90 degrees allows the hip extensors (hamstrings & glutes) to fire up and lower the legs while resisting the pull of the springs. •Pelvis and sacrum are anchored to the mat and spine is imprinted. •Maintain core, glute and hamstring...

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