The Best Way To Prepare Your Pilates Studio To Reopen After COVID-19.

Necessity is the mother of invention. And, as we all want to get back into the Pilates studios as quickly as possible, we need to remember to do this safely and with products that we can trust to keep all Pilates lovers safe. When I started Good Citizen, I thought it was necessary that I have my very own Pilates loops. This wasn’t just because I thought it was gross to put my hands and feet in the straps that so many others had, but because intuitively, I knew that others would have this dilemma as well. So, here we are, with an even bigger dilemma on our hands. The Pilates community is in quite the predicament of wanting and needing to open studios, while also keeping clients feeling safe and healthy and confident during their workouts. With all of that being said, be aware that the safety of studios is not just a germ thing, but it is also the safety of the products we ask our clients to use. At Good Citizen, you can expect unmatched design, performance, and the highest level of strength and stability with our safety-first stitching. Rushing to make homemade Pilates straps and other Pilates equipment may sound good, but think about the implications of using these homemade products and products being made without the proper care and vetting. Pilates equipment needs to be tested thoroughly and be insured in order to be safe enough for use by Pilates clients, instructors, and owners. The well-being of the Pilates community is our first priority. There’s no need to make your own equipment. We’ve taken years to research and test our products, finding the safest ways to design our Pilates straps to keep you practicing with utmost confidence while in the Pilates studio.