The top 5 reasons to sell Good Citizen Reformer Loops at your Pilates studio.

Check out this gorgeous retail display wall at The Pilates Studio in Columbus, Ohio.!
Did you know that we have amazing wholesale opportunities for Pilates studio owners? Well, we do, and here are the top five benefits to becoming a GC stockist.
Top 5 Benefits:
1. Expand your business, and attract more customers by boosting your business’s reputation of being a clean and hygienic Pilates studio.
2. With a heightened sense of overall cleanliness, Pilates lovers will come into the studio with a sense of personal autonomy over the germs they come into contact with at the studio, while saving time cleaning up between classes.
3. Pilates lovers will have peace of mind knowing they are the only ones who have touched their loops, while keeping them safe from other people’s germs, viruses, infections, dead skin, and sweat.
4. Adding a pop of color to your Pilates practice has many benefits for your overall health and helps motivate you during your Pilates practice.
5. Increase your studio’s revenue by creating an additional revenue stream for your studio, while clients benefit from a more hygienic Pilates studio experience.
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