Top Reasons Why You Should Take Good Citizen Pilates Reformer Loops To The Pilates Studio

It’s the LAST DAY to shop 20% off EVERYTHING! Not sure why you need your very own personal Pilates loops? Here are some of the top reasons to shop here:
1️⃣ Hygiene: During each Pilates class, your hands and feet come into contact with the loops on the equipment and are rarely cleaned. Pilates loops can be an incubator for many skin infections because people sweat on them and leave unwanted germs. In addition, scent can play a role and get in the way of your concentration, so it’s best to stick with your own personal loops.
2️⃣ Comfort: Finding the right loops that are comfortable for your hands and feet helps tremendously with your practice. Plus, having to think about the previous client that used the loops is not where you want your mind to be.
3️⃣ Motivation: Your own loops will become an important tool for your practice, and with every class that you take, we bring in a different energy. Choosing the right color has the power to affect your mind, body, or emotions, improving productivity levels. Choosing the right color for you can help to inspire and motivate you physically, intellectually, and emotionally.
Good Citizen Pilates Reformer Loops