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Washing Pilates Reformer Loops Straps Is So Easy!

Posted: May 23 2020

Good Citizen Pilates Reformer Loop Straps Are Easily Cleaned In 1...2...3!
Pilates Reformer and Cadillac straps and loops can't be cleaned after each person uses them. Not to mention Pilates studios DO NOT clean the loops after each client uses them much less once a week. The solution, take your own personal Pilates loops with you to class and keep your hands and feet healthy in the Pilates studio.
Hand wash with soap and hot water, or machine washable in a pillowcase or mesh bag.
Wash on gentle cycle.
Reshape with your hands, then hang or lay flat to dry. Do not wring out, stretch, bleach, or iron.
Good Citizen Pilates Strap Care:

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