We've Got You Colored!

Raise your hand if you’ve got a favorite color. You know, the color that makes you happy and feel safe and secure for whatever reason. Now, keep your hand raised if you’ve ever felt so lethargic you just couldn’t find the energy to make it to Pilates class. Did you know that colors have the power to change our moods and even help give us energy to push us through our workout sessions? The science behind color is fascinating, and adding a fresh pop of color to your Pilates workout may very well be the thing that keeps you excelling at Pilates. For example, the color green can keep you positive and happy, and it can even provide you with energy. And the color blue keeps you calm and helps you find your Zen mode.

Lucky for you, we created Good Citizen Pilates Loops. Our personal straps give you the option to bring your own loops with you to class; and these personal loops provide you with color options never seen before in the Pilates industry. We’ve got the perfect pair of green and pink loops—Palm Beach Chic—to both get you to class and kick some butt during it. These bright green Pilates straps provide awesome comfort and head-turning style to anyone who uses them.

Not only do we have green personal Pilates loops, we’ve got blue, hot pink, and even purple, to name a few. Whatever colors you can think of, we’ve most likely got you covered. And along with the bright and exciting colors, our loops are so comfy, you’ll never want to use the communal Pilates loops again. So go with color, and make your Pilates workout one that stands out from the crowd.




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