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Attachment Issues?!?!

D-ring Or Rope Attachment?
They are both super easy to take on and off your favorite Pilates equipment.
Directions below.πŸ‘‡
Rope Attachment:
1. Grab the communal loop at the knot.βœ”οΈ
2. Unknot the knot.➰
3. Attach your favorite Good Citizen personal Pilates loops.πŸ’›
4. Do Pilates!πŸ˜‹
D-Ring Attachment:
1. Unhook the communal loops.βœ”οΈ
2. Hook on your favorite Good Citizen Personal Pilates loops.πŸ’›
3. Do Pilates!πŸ˜‹
Have a question about the right loop attachment for you?
We’re here to help!😊✨