Good Citizen Interviews Pilates Instructor, Alyson Mattoon. {She loves her Pilates loops!}

Woman, Daughter, Wife, Mom, Friend, Pilates Instructor, and so much more...
Check out this fun little interview with Alyson Mattoon.
Over the past year, Aly started her own online platform and is pregnant with twins. Let’s celebrate this amazing Mom and check out her live and on demand classes!
Q: Alyson! We are excited for you! Over the past year, you started your very own On Demand Pilates Studio. Why did you decide to move in this direction?
A: I’m having so much fun programming Reformer and Mat class for my Pilates with Aly On Demand Pilates Studio. I wanted to have a way to stay connected to my students and reach out to more people with my On Demand Studio.
Q: What inspired you to start your On Demand Platform?
A: I feel that it is a unique streaming fitness platform where people can grow as empowered movers and feel cared for. I can’t help caring about everyone that I know is taking my classes - I want to know how everyone is doing and how the classes are going.
Q: Will you still be teaching in person Privates and Duets in the future?
A: I do plan to start working with Privates and Duets again in the near future, but will be keeping my virtual live and On Demand classes going indefinitely. This past year has been a really interesting teaching wise. I’ve grown so much as a teacher and I have defined my style and purpose. I also love that I can help more people in such an affordable way with my online offerings.
Q: Tell us about how it’s been working and filming at the Pilates Pod your On Remand Classes?
A: The Pilates Pod has been such a wonderful space for me to film and teach zoom classes in. I’m excited to keep it all going and will have a robust on demand library ready for my maternity leave in August.
Q: Do you have any final thoughts to share?
A: Thank You Good Citizen! Your loops have been a constant Pilates necessity that also make me smile. The added color and comfort add so much to my practice!