Happy National Latinx Month From Good Citizen CEO & Creator Jacqueline Hinton

Posted: Sep 15 2020

❤️Happy National Latinx Month!❤️
🇲🇽As a proud third generation Mexican American, my Latina heritage is something I am so proud to celebrate, not just this month but every single day.
🌈When designing our personal Pilates loops, it is important for me to reflect on my Latina heritage through the colors we choose when designing our loops. These bright colors are more than just a cultural tradition, they are a reflection of the warm lively culture that I experienced every day growing up. I continue to carry these cultural values with me throughout my life. We put lots of love and care into designing our personal Pilates loops and hope our loops add a little something special to your Pilates workouts.
🥑We are so excited to announce that we are now manufactured in Los Angeles by a Latinx owned and employed manufacturer. It feels good to be able to collaborate with another Latinx entrepreneur and to create such a special product that helps our Pilates community feel safe and clean during these crazy times.
Good Citizen CEO & Creator of the first personal Pilates loops, Jacqueline Hinton

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