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Let's Talk Material!

Let’s talk materials! When we launched Good Citizen, we did our research to find the highest quality materials in the industry. Stainless Steel D-rings, Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing, Eco-friendly Padding, and 100% Cotton Breathable Fabric.
✨Peace of mind knowing only you have put your hands and feet in the loops.
✨100% Cotton is naturally resistant to dust and dust mites and is also non-irritating.
✨100% Cotton fabric naturally repels water and sweat, and as a result is very breathable. Plus, it is one if the most biodegradable fabrics there is.
✨Our loops provides greater comfort, flexibility and support.
✨Our water-proof foam provides unmatched comfort and is void of CFC’s, which negatively effect our environment.
✨Our loops are easy to clean with soap and water.
Why do you use your own loops?
Good Citizen Pilates Reformer Loops